Mongolians are guardians of one of the richest and earliest known folklore in the world. Stories of the origin and inception of its traditional folklore, song and dance have been long recorded in ancient scripts and historical acounts. Mongolian lifestyles, its traditions and customs as well as natural environment and code of conducts have shaped its rich musical heritage. A group of dedicated artists who wish to preserve these traditional forms of precious art founded the ethnic music band “Tenger Ayalguu” in 1997. Literally meaning Sky Melody, “Tenger Ayalguu” has a repertoire that includes traditional dances, songs as well as international folklore. All members are educated and graduated from the Musical College of Ulaanbaatar and the Mongolian State University of Art and Culture. Aside from their performing career, they also hold fulltime teaching and lecturing positions at various musical institutions across the country. 

Tenger Ayalguu has performed to a wide range of audiences including various government dignitaries, ambassadors, members of international corporations as well as leisure travelers visiting Mongolia from all five continents.  During the performance, audiences get a chance to immerse into traditional Mongolian short and long songs about the grassland, romance and loved ones as well as dances, praise songs, and the “throat” or khoomii singing and enjoy the amazing acrobats of contortionists.  The band is also open to various professional collaborations in the field of research, trainings and various commercial undertakings.