Folk dance ensemble "Kytalyk" was created on December 7, 1979, the founder of which is the artistic director and chief choreographer Vasily Pavlovich Vinokurov- "Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Russian Federation". The dance ensemble uses the techniques of choreography to portray the spiritual beauty of their intrepid people as well as promoting the Sakha tradition. The youthful members of the Ensemble convey a spontaneous, fresh enthusiasm for their culture and a pride in imparting to the audience the atmosphere of their homeland. 


The Folk Dance Ensemble "Kytalyk" is the "Honored Collective of Folk Art of the Russian Federation", the laureate of many republican, All-Russian and international festivals, contests and shows, the diploma of the 12th World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow, the participant of many international folklore festivals in Europe, Asia. The troupe has appeared at all the major Russian folk dance contests and received the honored title “Scholars of Folk Dance” at the 1988 Moscow competition. The regularly tour abroad appearing at major festivals in Canada, Turkey, Hungary, Italy and Malta, and their unique performances have won critical acclaim.