Among the many folk dance ensembles in Serbia, a special place can be awarded to “SIMYONOV” company from Belgrade. Founded in 1986 by Dejan Simeonovski , “SIMYONOV” has become, in the short span, one of the  popular and successful Serbian ensembles.Specific in many ways, ”SIMYONOV” company presents the richness of Serbian folklore in a new and attractive way, prevailing on the enthusiasm of the audience wherever they perform.


The company is a spellbinding blend of art and energy which typifies the vitality of the Serbian people. Through the rigorous period of training, dancers developed a style that is uniquely their own, and which has brought them international renown. The costumes and music are authentic, chosen for their beauty and variety, representing the unique character of Serbian folklore.


The characteristic of ensemble “SIMYONOV-SREMCHICA” from Serbia are very fast steps on the stage, with fast music and constant changing of rhythm.That is specific for  dances from south east of Serbia, close to the border with Bulgaria and Macedonia. These dances are called : Shopsko and Leskovac.


“SIMYONOV” has made four tours to Mexico, each time two months, and more than a score to the festivals (Spain,France,Greece,Italy,Egipt,Tunisia,Germany, India,Taiwan…), winning widespread press and public acclaim everywhere for the brilliant theatricality and imaginative choreographic conceptions of its dance performances.