Folklore ensemble KARPATY


Folk group KARPATY is one of the best slovak folklore ensemble with high artistic level. It was founded in 1998. Since then we have participated in more than 45 folklore festivals in more than 20 countries all over the world ( Spain, Germany, Mexico, Gran Canarias, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, Italy, Czech republic, Hungary, China, India, Nepal, USA, Canada, Chile, Azores, South Korea in CIOFF World Folkloriada in Anseong in 2012…) and presented our folklore on more than 700 performances.


Our name KARPATY came from The Carpathian Mountains which is a range of mountains forming an arc roughly 1,500 km (932 miles) long across Central and Eastern Europe, making them the largest mountain range in Europe.


The members, who are young people - mainly undergraduates from Bratislava´s universities and secondary schools are skilled interpreters for whom dance and music are a hobby but they perform it at almost professional level.The folklore ensemble consists of 60 members divided into three parts: a 10-member folk music group, a 8-member girls choir and a 40-member dance group. The artistic management is formed by people who are interested in music and dance on a professional level.


Folk ensemble KARPATY adapts themes from many regions of Slovakia and transforms them into an artistic scene forms. It presents songs, dances and music at various degrees of stylistic adaptation with the emphasis upon the authenticity of performances. Audience will be amazed by the variety of the slovak costumes, beautiful girls, sensitive tunes and brilliant dancers, as well as the professional and artistic level of performance.