The Nan Ying Green Park

ADDRESS: No. 36, Minjhih Rd., Sinying Dist., Tainan City 730, Taiwan (R.O.C.)(By Sin Ying Cultural Center)


The Nan Ying City Park of Beating Heart was originally named as "the Park No. 5" which has existed for more than 80 years since Japan governed here. The park is connected closely with the local residents, humanities and the development of administrative regions. People in Sinying own many unforgettable memories for the park because it accompanied with them since they are childhood. In 2003, Tainan County Government (now Tainan County and Tainan City merged together and named "Tainan City") implemented the "Nan Ying Beating Heart" project which repaired and rebuilt the fundamental equipments in the park and integrated the functions of spaces nearby. Moreover, Cultural Affairs Bureau carried out the public arts plan "Nan Ying Lu Chu" (the spotted deers appeared in Nan Ying) which injected new life with arts and culture into the park. The area became a region with the convenience of accessing to culture, leisure, and administrative services for people in Sinying District. Nowadays, there are many large events which was held here and draw many audience to attend.


1. By Driving: 

Freeway NO.1: 
Sinying Interchange→Fu Xing Rd. to downtown→Minjhih Rd. and then turn left→pass Nansin Junior High School and see the right side→The Nan Ying City Park of Beating Heart

Freeway NO.3: 
Baihe Interchange→County Road No. 172→Provincial Road No. 1→Village Street Southern No. 100→The Nan Ying City Park of Beating Heart

2. By Taiwan Railway System
Taking the railway to the Sinying Railway Station→walking along Sanmin Rd. →meet Zhongzheng Rd. then turn right→You will see Sinying Cultural Center on the left hand and the park is beside the center.

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