Golden Lion Array


Generated from Song Jiang Battle Array, Golden Lion Array not only keeps the spirit of martial arts in Song Jiang Battle Array but also implies praying for bless and expelling from demons. Led by a lion head mask, it is the most evident difference form Song Jiang Battle Array. Established in 1946, and generated from Wujulin Golden Lion Array in Sigang, Golden Lion Array by Si-nan-liao Sing-nan Temple in Annan District is a major plot is incense worship ceremony of Baoan Temple in Sigang, belonging to the red-waist scarf program. The red lion head mask is made with traditional art craft skill of pasted-paper sculpture, and the array is distinguished for its lion dance plot.

After 2003 incense worship ceremony of Bao-an Temple in Sigang, the members of Golden Lion Array by Si-Nan-Liao Sing-nan Temple realized that they should honor their ancestors by passing down this tradition, and started the voluntary training program for skills of performing Golden Lion Array, intending for a wider promotion of the traditional culture and art. In 2014, the group named up itself as Tainan Si-nan Golden Lion Association, aiming for preservation, innovation and sustainability of this traditional folk art.

Recently, Tainan Si-nan Golden Lion Association has actively joined many battle array performances and contests, and gained vast favorable feedback and support. In addition, it is now awarded as preservation groups for traditional performing arts of Golden Lion Array in Tainan.