Dongzhulin Baoan Temple Plow’s Song


In Xigang koah-hiun festival, the Ox and Plow Song of Dongzhulin Baoan Temple is regarded as an important troupe along with the Ox and Plow Song of Qigu Jhuciao Qingshan Temple. Both troupes were registered as intangible cultural assets in Tainan. This performance retains traditions and preserves the small play of singing and dancing with young boys performing at the front stage and others singing and playing instruments at the back stage. The Ox and Plow Song is preserved through active song-compilation and image recording. Tsung-Ming Wu, a scholar-like elderly who values culture, edited the “composition of the Ox and Plow Song of Dongzhulin Baoan Temple”, enabling the troupe to be preserved and performed for a long time.