Tarzan Folklore Troupe- Bullfight


Each performance of the Bullfight generally lasts within 15 minutes. It is composed of 10

participants, including 4 people (versus 2 bulls), 2 cattle farmers and a crew of 4 people behind the scenes. The performance mainly depicts the early agricultural era. After seed-planting, farmers bring their bulls to the side of the field for grazing, and the bulls start fighting. Farmers rush to tame their bulls and blame each other. Two bulls and two farmers get into a fight, delivering this small play of farmers-versus-cattle fight. The show expresses the important role and status of farmers' life and cattle during the early agricultural era.

Tarzan Folklore Troupe, a commercially operated troupe, was founded by Tarzan Shi and now took over by his son, Wenzhan Shi. The Bullfight was established in the early days of Tarzan Folklore Troupe and has been registered as a cultural asset in Tainan.