Xinhua Zhenshou Temple Wu Jing Tang Pat Ka Tsiong


The Wu Jing Tang Pat-Ka-Tsiòng of Xinhua Zhenshou Temple was founded in 2005 by Yanshou Wang, who has been an enthusiast in martial troupe since childhood and eventually formed a team to promote martial troupe after learning from the experts.

The Wu Jing Tang Pat-Ka-Tsiòng is known for its artistically changing dance moves and fine costume; the overall atmosphere is full of traditional folk spirits. Its performance has surpassed traditional temple fairs and incorporated new ways of performing in response to changes in time and space. It injects new life into traditions, yet still contains the very essence rooted in traditional troupe and spirits. In addition to attending temple parades, Wu Jing Tang Pat-Ka-Tsiòng also participates in various cultural exchanges and has been registered as a traditional art and cultural asset.