Qigu Jade Baoan Temple White Crane Array


The White Crane Troupe of Qigu Jade Baoan Temple was founded in 1982 in Xigang xiangke by the community leader Dabin Huang for the purpose of escorting Kang-fu deity. This troupe was named after “white crane master”and “white crane boy”, who accordingly were respected attendants of Longevity God of the South Pole and were appointed by Jade Emperor to descend to the mortal world as protectors. The White Crane Troupe is classified as the “green waist towel” and registered as an intangible cultural asset in Tainan (note: waist towel is used by troupe performers to wrap around their waists as indication of ancestry or connection; villages with identical origin often use the same color of waist towel).

The formation of White Crane Troupe is evolved from Songjiang Battle Array. The only difference is that changes of formation are led by “white crane boy” in the White Crane Troupe as opposed to head flag and double axes in Songjiang Battle Array.