Maikawa Shishi-Odori


    Maikawa Shishi-Odori is based in the southern Iwate Prefecture, Maikawa, surrounded by beautiful nature, neighboring Heizuni, where is listed as world heritage by UNESCO and been called “paradise”.

Maikawa Shishi-Odori can be traced back to 1700 years ago, originated by the Pacific Ocean coast of Miyagi Prefecture, Minamisanriku cho. Based on the dance of Yoshita and Ito in Maikawa, the Shishi-odori (deer dance) has been handed down for more than three centuries.

Starting with trio, eight deer-dancers dance and drum with basic and repeated movement, singing the lyrics praising the gratefulness toward rich harvest and picturing the love scenery of deer. The dance imitates the braveness and vitality of young and strong deer.