GANTARI GITA KHATULISTIWA is a cultural arts group initiated by Edwin Leo Mokodompit, Donny Yoshinda, Cheelvy and Gilang Lestari, came from their passion on cultural art performing art the Indonesian archipelago, particularly the traditional dances and music which very rich and varied, on the other hand contrasts with the decrease of young generation participation nowadays to appreciate, learn, explore, demonstrate, perform and preserve it.

Therefore, they formed a team that consistently and sustainly give training on traditional dance and music to the younger generation, as well as encouraging them to perform at various events, festivals, and competitions, both locally, nationally, regionally and internationally, with the motto "Our Culture, Our Pride".

Along the journey, the members increasing day by day, GANTARI GITA KHATULISTIWA then formed a management team consisting of a team of experts in the field of artistic (consists dance teachers/choreographers and music teachers, the dancers and musicians, and the administrative team to support the overall operations of the GANTARI GITA KHATULISTIWA.

Besides, there are numbers of schools, colleges, universities and community group that have been continuously trained by GANTARI GITA KHATULISTIWA. Also there are various festivals and competitions have been participated in, national level as well as international level.