Malaysia, HangFong Dance Ensemble


HangFong Dance Ensemble is a long-established artistic group based in Malaysia to promote Chinese folk dances. It has fostered over 100 professional and amateur dancers, and also participated in countless domestic and international competitions and performances, winning numerous awards and recognition from peers.

HangFong Dance Ensemble was established in May 18, 2002 when Kuen Cheng Dance Ensemble and its alumni jointly produced the dance piece, Ancient Inspiration. Under the initiative of a group of Kuen Cheng alumni and dance instructor Wong Cheong Chee, Hang Fong Dance Ensemble was set up in 2005 as one of the nonprofit organizations in Malaysia.


The primary purpose of HangFong Dance Ensemble is to promote local dance and art, especially Chinese dances such as ethnic dance, classical dance, modern Chinese dance, etc. Meanwhile, it also provides a space for dancers to perform and learn. Its dances are based on elements from the Southeast Asian culture, in particular the common theme of butterfly that conveys beautiful and glorious life.