Exemplary Choreographic Ensemble “DRUZHBA”, Arkhangelsk


The Exemplary choreographic ensemble “Druzhba” was founded in January 1964 on the base of the Pioneer’s Palace. The founder of the ensemble was Ludmila Emelyanova and she was the artistic director for 20 years; on 1997, “Druzhba” got the title “Exemplary children ensemble”.


Repertoire of the ensemble contains dances from different areas in the country, showing the multiple cultural contents of Russia. Educational activities are organized to connect with the young generation and to preserve traditions.


Ensemble “Druzhba” takes a big part in various regional and national events. The ensemble travels a lot to share children culture of Arkhangelsk Region in other Russian cities and abroad, including Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Kirov, Tromso (Norway), Rovaniemi (Finland), Taiwan, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, and Japan. The ensemble also invites many guests and groups from other Russian cities and from different countries, and having the annual traditional concerts “In the circle of friends”. In addition, the ensemble keeps close and fruitful relations with creative groups of Barents Region, taking part in various seminars workshops and international collaboration performances, The ensemble has a large number of awards at international festivals and competitions.