JEBO Traditional Dancing Troupe


Jebo is an old ancient Marshallese traditional dance originally comes from an atoll in the northern Marshall Islands known as Utirik Atoll. It is believed that this name “Jebo” is the name of a very strong Marshallese warrior whom occupied and control most of the atolls in the northern Marshall Islands thousands of years ago. The people of Utirik Atoll are the only one that can perform this warrior dance because the atoll is very close to Bikar Atoll (Taongi) where the legend of this true warrior originated.


Utirik Atoll is also one of the four (4) Atolls in the Marshall Islands which to this day still feels the effects and impacts of the United States military nuclear testing programs during the 1940s and 1950s.


The specialty of the performance is that it explains how the Marshallese brave warriors showed their skills in handling the fierce traditional spears when confronting their enemies in the old days. There are a lots of traditional chanting involved in the dance which were also used during fighting to stimulate the spirit of bravery in minds and souls of the warriors.