Ngaa Mauri Taniwha Ki Uta - Taniwha Ventures


Taniwha, the sea creatures.


The kappa haka, traditional Maori performing dance group, established in February 2016, soon developed as an incorporated society as Taniwha Ventures in April 2017, specifically developing a more robust foundation for kapa haka in the community. We are proud to have now, Taniwha Tours, Taniwha Taonga ( local artist hand crafts), Taniwha Catering, Taniwha Education and Taniwha Portraits.


Focusing on cultural preservation, the dance company has participated in numerous community and national event to ensure the native language value and traditions being well protected inter and intra nationally. Through singing and dancing, the dance company keeps the traditions passed through for generations, and portrays the complete story of their cultural orientation and identification, of who they are and where there are from.