Sbandieratori Ducato Caetani


The history of Caetani family, the fortress of SERMONETA (middle age town near Rome), and the ghost town of NINFA (an ancient town destroyed during XII century and converted into a special garden in the XIX century), recreates the atmosphere which the Sbandieratori Ducato Caetani bring to feast sites, recalling ancient fights and proposing the ancient tradition of moving flags. Our banner celebrate the noble household of Caetani that once ruled the southern part of LAZIO, our colours represent the contrast between two of the most strong colours of araldic tradition: gold, as metal and vermilion, as glaze. In the events in which we participate we bring colour and joy, with vaulting and hurling of the flags we recall ancient fights, where the Caetani's Dukes were captains. The "Sbandieratori Ducato Caetani" work in the ancient dukedom of Sermoneta, involving young people, and discovering the values of traditions and folklore, we take part in the international folklore festivals, gloriously promoting one of the special traditions of ITALY. The group consists of twenty-twenty-five members: standard bearers, trumpeters, drummers and flags hurlers; it parades in the streets in procession and performs in squares and on stages indoor and outdoor. The members of the group took part in the most important events of last 15 years, participating in exhibition of important folklore festivals and in other celebrations settled in Europe.


The show of the "Sbandieratori Ducato Caetani" consist of different choreographic movements that develop in co-ordinate formations, with one or two flags, following the military schemes of the phalanx, the circle, or the wedge. The show is even made of solo evolutions, with one or two flags, and special figures with two, four and six flags-hurlers. During the show, the roll of the drums and the blare of the trumpets take the audience into a special historical context, creating an atmosphere of ancient times. Of all the Italian group of flags-hurlers this one distinguishes itself for the particularity of the show and the launching high of the flags. The Cori flag launching school, with wooden staff tradition, is technical base of the choreographic movements. The exhibition can be adapted to any place: squares, streets, stages or indoor space, always giving high-standard performance.