JARO dance group


Founded in 1983, the „JARO“ (meaning „spring“) dance group has been existing for more than 30 years. More than 60 dancers of all age groups participate in trainings and performances.


The artistic director and choreographer, Zivana Vajsarova, Prague`s Faculty of Arts graduate, uses the original materials recorded and collected by her father, prof. Frantisek Bonus, around the Czech and Slovak Republics. Prof. Bonus was a world-renowned dance pedagogue, professional and enthusiastic ethnograph. He had cooperated with JARO dance group as its advisor and choreographer since 1993.


JARO dance group specializes in folklore dances of Bohemia (central part of the Czech Republic), Moravia (eastern part) and Slovakia.The core repertoire consists of folk dances and games from spring time, but there is also a special Christmas programme.


JARO dance group and Zivana Vajsarova have been honoured with a number of prizes for their work, such as the 3rd prize of the International dance festival in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, the 1st prize of „the Czech dance competiton of Art schools“, „Award for sensitive development of folk heritage“, or „Award for excellent pedagogic results in the field of folk dance“ - Zivana Vajsarova is also experienced teacher of the Czech folklore, she has taught Czech and Slovak dances abroad many times.


JARO is also renowned in Asia – it has been selected as a guest of NFDFJ`s (National Folk Dance Federation of Japan) 50th anniversary show in Yokohama in 2006 and has been regularly a guest on various seminars and shows since then. Zivana has taught Czech and Slovak dances in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan (58th Asia dance camp in 2016). In 2017, Zivana has been also named the honorable advisor of HKDF (Hong Kong Dance Federation).


JARO is accompanied by a live music called JARA music group. Led by Karel Mezera, it consists of professional musicians playing on traditional instruments such as clarinets, flutes, contrabass, violins, violoncellos, bagpipes or cimbalom. The general speciality of JARO’s performance is in a combination of various dance styles and techniques found throughout the various regions of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We call it “A MOSAIC OF STYLES”.

JARO has pleased audiences in: Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Nederlands, New Zealand, Spain , Sweden, Turkey, USA.