Gu-Fang Contemporary Art of Zheng



The Gu-Fang Contemporary Art of Zheng was founded in September, 2007 by Professor Jun-si Huang from National Tainan University of the Arts and a group of passionate young teachers with professional background in zheng, a Chinese plucked zither. Adhering to the spirit of “creative only new and advancing with the times,” we hope that the proactive and passionate attitude of the new generation of Taiwanese zheng artists will be seen in its every project and performance, and a new style for the traditional art of zheng music created. The group seeks to keep Taiwanese zheng music up to date in order to form a local zheng music style with exquisite value.

The group takes rooting and promotion as its long-term management strategy, with a vision to discover and train local talents to become zheng performing artists. Over the years, it has performed in the form of Thematic Series concerts, including series of "Meeting Zheng" concerts, "Establishing Music Foundation Series - New Power of Tainan" concerts, and "Talent Blossom Series" concerts, as well as regular performances in local cultural centers around the country. Furthermore, it was invited to perform in Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Italy, Turkey, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and other places. The group expects itself to integrate rich and diverse forms of zheng music performances, take deep root in the community, shine in Taiwan, and gain fame in the world.
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