Tainan Xiongwei Pavilion Dragon and Lion Dance Club



Tainan Xiongwei Pavilion Dragon and Lion Dance Club was founded in 2012. The Club, led by Master Yihuei Syu, is made up of devotees who have been trained in dragon and lion dance, martial arts, drums, and traditional folk arts since childhood. They adhere to common ideas and goals, follow systematized disciplines and training, and strive to carry forward the spirit of this cultural heritage. With social and economical growth, and consequent improvement in information, technology, education and quality of life, the dragon and lion dance has gradually lost its popularity. Therefore, the Club was established with the purposes of promoting the traditional art of dragon and lion dance, and popularizing it as a form of sport so as to build appropriate morality, art and sports attitudes and concepts in youngsters. The Club adheres to the orthodox training approach to make sure young practitioners of dragon and lion dance acquire proper skills and knowledge.

In addition, the Club has plans to promote the traditional dragon and lion dance in communities and lion dance in schools. By doing so, pupils and students can acquire skills and knowledge of the traditional folk art, and people’s stereotypical image toward the traditional art will be changed. The Club takes it as its social responsibility. Therefore, the Club devotes itself to promoting dragon and lion dance education in schools and communities. It hopes to cultivate young talents of this traditional art and deliver its vision of passing on what has been inherited to the future generations.
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