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"We are Fevervine. We will bring you stories of Tainan, the old capital." - Fevervine

Art director Chun-hsiang Hsu has been creative for more than 30 years since her careers started in the small living room of her own house, serving also as dance classroom, in the 1980s. The Dance Theatre’s rehearsal venue is located on Nanmen Road not far from a small hill known as "Fevervine Hill," which sits near the tail of the phoenix with spread wings in the shape of which the inner city of the old capital has been thought to be. The Dance Theatre is named after fevervine, a native plant used as a folk remedy for bellyache in Taiwan. We hope that our creative works will not be in any way detached from people's everyday life. We will be rather like "fevervine", readily available and highly useful!

In recent years, farming family memories, Tainan's customs and culture and Taiwanese literature have been common themes of Fevervine's creation, with giving performances at historic sites one of its distinctive features. Fevervine has swept audiences from all social classes. Among its works, the "Modern Showa, Tainan Love Song" (2010), based on the story of Hsu's mother as one of the first sales representatives in the department store Hayahi Hyakkaten during the Japanese Rule, was presented on stage in Chuanmei Theatre, Tainan, reproducing the golden age of indoor Taiwanese opera shows in our grandparents' fond memories. The "Dreams of Splendid Hai'an" (2011) presents the joys and sorrows of a geisha in the capital city during Qing Dynasty with Taiwan's traditional array of twelve fairy godmothers interpreted by a new dance style incorporating rave, electronic music and white gloves dancing. The "Tainan Ukiyo-e" (2012) is based on a column of revelations by geisha in "Three Six Nine Tabloids" during Japanese rule, portraying the four seasons of the capital city; and the "Little Investiture of Gods in Tainan" (2012) depicts an animated and spirited temple fair in Tainan. A few years ago, Fevervine began to adapt Taiwanese literary works in an attempt to combine theater and literature in creating a poetic image of Tainan, including The "Yeh Shih-tao Literature and Dance Theater - Spring Dream at Gourd Valley" (2014), "Hsu Ping-ting Literature and Dance Theater - Spirited Away of Tainan”" (2015); "A Taiwanese Girl – Huang Feng-Zi" (2016); and "The Well" (2017).

"The style of our creation might be shifted one day, but our inspiration will always come from the rich and beautiful cultural heritage of the old capital city, and we will present its past, present and future based on field investigations."- Fevervine
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