Department of Dance, Tainan University of Applied Sciences



The Department, previously affiliated to the dance group of the University's Music Department, was established in 1971. For more than 40 years, it has been actively cultivating dance professionals. Under the guidance of the past reviewers and the joint efforts from the teachers and students of the whole department, great progress has been made in all aspects. The Department currently offers a seven-year program for junior high school graduates and a four-year program for senior high school graduates, of which the educational goal is to train dance educators, performers and creators.

During the production of “2019 New Dance Season - South Winds” in 2019, the dance company of the Department invited choreographers around the world to teach dance at the University, and create whole new choreographs in folk style for the Department dance company. On this occasion, traditional dances from Bali, Indonesia, traditional and creative dances from Korea, southern American dances, local Taiwanese folk songs and dances, and aboriginal dances were taught to the Department students. The choreographers from other countries not only introduced diverse exotic elements to the artistic development of the Department, but also turned the dance works of the Department into a more theatrical style. As a result, the student-dancers became more capable of interpreting art arrays, which in the origin are forms of street entertainment, in a new fashion highlighting the essential dance aspect of art arrays.
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