Diabolo Dance Theatre



Founded in 1986, the Diabolo Dance Theatre was brought to the world, a unique form of performing art. It took the bell as the center and the theater creativity as the radius, creating a unique dance bell performance style in the world. The Diabolo Dance Theatre is also a children's play originated from a thousand years ago. The Diabolo Dance incorporates the traditional diabolo play, modern technologies, and aesthetics in the form of theatrical performing art. Over 1,000 performances of this unique art form have been staged in more than 30 countries, including Lincoln Center in New York, Hummingbird Theater in Toronto, Aichi Expo in Japan, National Theatre in Taipei, and National Taichung Opera Theatre. Numerous positive reviews and responses have been received from audiences around the world who are equally entertained and impressed despite their different languages and cultural backgrounds.

At the beginning of the universe, the primitive form of life was born from the collision of anions and cations and about to embark on a journey through water, fire, earth and wind towards the brightest light in life. After years of preparations, director and art director Le-Chun Liu presents the world the unique diabolo dance, combined with other exciting elements on a fantastical stage where reality and virtuality blend. The Diabolo Dance performance is a work of creative art comparable to Broadway musicals, and meant to lead the audiences into a world full of imagination and surprises.
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